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Iconic Foods (Edible Manhattan July/Aug 2009 Issue)

12-30-2009 11:14:46 In open defiance of hometown hot dog dogma, the signature link at St.Marks Place’s Crif Dogs is a smoked ballpark-style Jersey-made frank,deep fried until a rip appears in its surface, then configured more

For Hot Dog Fanciers, Doubly Good News (NY Times 1.1.02)

12-30-2009 11:46:26 Crif Dogs is by design a tribute to unbridled adolescence with all thesubtlety of frat house graffiti. Nonetheless, the pink, skinlesspork-and-beef frankfurter ($1.50 plain) is mild and lightly smoky,deep-fried more

The Hot Dog Wars Heat Up, and It's Not Just the Mustard That's Spicy (NY Times 3.31.02)

12-30-2009 11:50:25 Cellphone-carrying lunchers wearing ill-fitting thrift-shop clothesoccupy tables next to Roman Catholic schoolgirls and tattoo artists andmunch on specialties like the Chihuahua, a deep-fried bacon-wrapped more

Red White & Chew: Celebrate the holidays by chowing down at these local eateries (NY Post 7.3.08 )

12-30-2009 11:53:30 Hot diggity dog! Go all-American with a can of PBR, some chili-cheesefries and a Spicy Redneck (a bacon-wrapped hot dog with chili, coleslawand jalapeŅos) at this casual East Village frank joint open from more

Ed Levine's Update Guide to the Best Hot Dogs in NYC (Serious Eats NY 7.3.08)

12-30-2009 11:56:19 The spicy redneck, a deep-fried skinless all-beef hot dog with coleslaw, bacon, chili, cheese, and jalapenos may sound like hell on a bunto cardiologists and vegans, but it is supremely tasty. more

Hot Dog Of The Week: Tijuana Dog (Serious Eats NY 7.10.09)

12-30-2009 11:57:57 At Crif Dogs in Manhattan, where their Chihuahua is wrapped in bacon, deep fried, and topped simply with sour cream and avocado. more
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