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Bacon-Wrapped Hot Dog with Egg and Cheese from Crif Dogs (Serious Eats NY 12.16.08)

12-30-2009 12:00:30 While a bacon-wrapped hot dog on its own is pretty good, its thetopping combinations that reel you in at Crif Dogs. I can't imaginefinding a better version than the Good Morning, abacon-wrapped hot dog more

The New York Cheap Eats Food Pyramid (Time Out NY July 2007)

12-30-2009 12:03:19 Ditch your dietary restrictions before descending the stairs to thisEast Village meat lair, where the $2.50 hot dogs are deep-fried and,for a buck extra, wrapped in salty bacon. The Spicy Redneck ($4.50)takes more

Our 10 Best Hot Dogs (Village Voice Fork in the Road 7.2.09)

12-30-2009 12:20:04 Fork in the Road has picked Our Top Ten franks, but this time wehaven't limited ourselves to the five boroughs and a sliver of NewJersey. Rather, we've ranged over two states--at least those parts youcan more

Top Dogs of New York (Slashfood 10/8/06)

12-30-2009 12:27:09 Skip their signature deep-fried dog and go for the all-beef, which is crisp and delicious more

Top Dogs (NY Sun 10/4/06)

12-30-2009 12:28:48 The 100%-beef New Yorker, which is longer, thinner, and griddled, issuperb, responding to each bite with a juicy, assertive snap and a nicehint of spice. more

The Best Take Out (New York Magazine May 2004)

01-13-2010 11:29:10 The Chihuahua, a pork dog wrapped in bacon then slathered with avocado and sour cream is strangely fabulous. more
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