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National Corn Dog Day / Adventureland Movie event at Crif (3.29.09)

01-21-2010 07:31:16 March 21, 2009 was National Corn Dog Day. We celebrated with a tie-in from the film Adventureland which featured corndogs!   more

Village Voice 2007 Best of NYC (Nicole Richie's last meal)

01-26-2010 08:45:23 From one of our favorite food-related websites—www.celebrities-eating.com—we learned that Nicole's favorite food isthe amazingly phallic hot dog. And you can't get better weeniesanywhere than more

Best hot dog for those seeking a little “je ne sais quoi” (Go Magazine 6.10.09)

01-26-2010 08:57:53 The perfect mix of trashy and gourmet, you can get a bacon-wrapped hotdog slathered in teriyaki sauce, or you can keep it simple with oldstandbys like sauerkraut and onions. Oh, and did we mention all more

Favorite Cheap Meals of the Rich and Famous (NY Magazine 5.21.05)

01-26-2010 09:02:38 Ryan McGinley Photographer - I just moved to Chinatown, but in the East Village, where I used tolive, I love the veggie special at Crif Dogs on St. Marks Place. more
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