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What is the difference between a "Crif" and a "New Yorker"?

A Crif Dog, made from beef and pork, is smoked and deep-fried to order. A New Yorker, our all-beef dog, is served grilled.

Where did the name Crif come for?

Try saying Chris while chewing a hot dog: owner Brian Shebairo did, and it came out "Crif". The restaurant was named after one of his original partners, Chris Antista.

When did Crif Dogs open?

October 6th, 2001

Are there any other Crif Dogs locations?

We have two locations: one in East Village and the other in Brooklyn

Are there vegetarian options?

Yes, we serve grilled veggie dogs with a variety of toppings, can make veggie corn dogs upon request, and have the Impossible Burger available.

Can I get Crif dogs shipped to me?

At this point, we are not shipping of any of our hot dogs. Stay tuned.

Do you serve beer or cocktails at Crif Dogs?

We serve a variety of beers. Please visit our neighboring bar, PDT, for a cocktail.

What is the delivery range if I want Crif Dogs to deliver to my apartment or office?

Our delivery area ranges from Rivington Street to 17th Street/Ave D to Broadway - $10 minimum. South of Rivington Street to Delancey St/from 17th-23th Street/ From Broadway to 6th ave - $20 minimum. We are willing to go the extra mile for large orders: please call with any questions.